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Electric Vehicles region-wise sales trend in Q4 FY 23-24

Source: Vahan and Telengana Open data portal. Low-speed 2W data not included

  • Uttar Pradesh has the highest share (16.07%) of electric vehicles sold, with 83,154 units in Q4 FY 23-24. Of the total EVs sold in Uttar Pradesh, 56.8% (47,269 units) are passenger e-rickshaws.
  • E-2-wheeler sales are maximum for the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Uttar Pradesh, which have a combined share of 55.16% in India’s high-speed e-2W sales.
  • Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have the maximum sales in the e-rickshaw category with approx. sales share of 41.3% and 15.6%, respectively, of all e-rickshaws sold in India in Q4 FY23-24.
  • Karnataka registered the highest sales of e-4Ws with 3,802 units for Q4 FY 23-24, followed by Maharashtra and Delhi with 3,655 and 2,944 units sold, respectively.
  • Karnataka has the highest e-Bus sales, with 419 units sold for Q4 FY 23-24.
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