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eBikeGo to start reservations for Muvi e-scooter in October 2023

eBikeGo, a player in the electric mobility sector, has announced the commencement of pre-bookings for its electric scooter, the Muvi. With the rising demand for electric vehicles, eBikeGo is committed to meeting the expectations of environmentally conscious riders and enthusiasts, said an official statement. As the official launch nears, eBikeGo is refining the booking process for Muvi, ensuring a seamless reservation experience and broader public access.

Dr. Irfan Khan, the visionary CEO of eBikeGo, expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming reservation process, stating, “We are thrilled to open bookings for the Muvi soon. The incredible response we’ve received thus far showcases the growing interest in sustainable electric mobility. Our customers will soon get to experience the exceptional features and performance of the Muvi.”

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