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Dhruv Vidyut deploys its retrofitting kits to a fleet of tricycles used by the Army in a pilot

DVECK by Dhruv Vidyut is a device that bolts onto any regular bicycle or tricycle and upgrades it to a motor and battery-powered vehicle. The Delhi NCR-based startup has announced they are ready for pilot orders after three years of R&D.

For the first engagement, the company has partnered with the Indian Army, integrating its bolt-on kit DVECK into a fleet of tricycles already in service.  This integration equips the tricycles with a payload capacity of 500 kg and a range of 40 km per charge while maintaining durability essential for military applications.

“After a lot of back and forth, meetings and visits later, we finally got a chance to serve the Indian Army”, said Gursaurabh Singh – Founder of Dhruv Vidyut. To transport goods under 500 kg, the upgraded rickshaw has become the ideal choice as it is easy to manoeuvre, load and unload with zero emissions and all that at a fraction of the cost of a motorcycle/Gypsy. However, he declined to comment on the commercials or exact specifications of the kits deployed for this pilot due to certain NDAs in place.

After seeing the success and efficiency of the upgraded rickshaws, many other cantonments and regiments are looking to upgrade their existing fleets with DVECK, added Gursaurabh.

The company expressed gratitude to the Indian Army for their trust and the opportunity to collaborate by opting for DVECK, a “Made in Bharat” product. Dhruv Vidyut remains focused on developing and deploying sustainable solutions for micro-mobility in India and looks to expand its impact beyond the military, aiming to upgrade fleets of tricycles across the nation. 

In an interview with EVrpeorter in May 2023, Gursaurabh mentioned they were setting up a manufacturing unit in Najafgarh in Delhi- NCR, and their manufacturing cost of the base model of the kit is nearly INR 9,000. The aluminium casing, motors and battery pack are designed and manufactured in-house.

The standard retrofit kit features:

  • Alloy body, 250W motor, 12 Ah 24V lithium-ion battery, with a load-carrying capacity of 170 kgs and a warranty of 2 years.
  • Water and fire-resistant design
  • Compatibility with various types of bicycles and tricycles
  • Easy installation as a DIY project
  • The retrofitting process per vehicle takes nearly 20 minutes.
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