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Bacancy to manufacture 20,000 power module units annually for DC chargers

Gujarat-based Bacancy Systems has inaugurated a dedicated facility to manufacture Power Modules for DC Fast Chargers for electric vehicles. The 30 kW Power Module is being manufactured to enhance efficiency and encourage environmentally conscious charging. According to a company statement, Bacancy is the first company in India to produce such a power module specifically designed for EV chargers.

The module can easily integrate with charger controllers via CAN; stacking enables the configuration of EV chargers of 120 kW and higher. Bacancy has partnered with a Chinese electronics company to bring this technology to India and manufacture the module locally. Key features of the power module are its compact size, air cooling technology, normal and silent operation modes, compatibility with a wide range of EV charger controllers, and user-friendly interface for setting and monitoring.

Hardik Sheth, CEO and Co-Founder of Bacancy Systems expressed optimism, stating, “Our power module represents a leap forward in EV technology, offering unmatched performance and user convenience. We’re proud to manufacture 20,000 units annually right here in India, contributing to a greener tomorrow.”

Bacancy Systems plans to expand its capabilities in the EV industry by investing in research and development, collaborating with research institutions and universities, and implementing sustainable manufacturing practices.

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