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Aponyx introduces portable chargers | Manufacturing in Surat

Aponyx Electric Vehicles, an EV manufacturing company, has introduced a portable charging solution in the market. The portable chargers are designed and manufactured in Surat, Gujarat, and is expected to enhance access to charging infrastructure.

In response to the growing demand for EVs, Aponyx has launched a portable charging solution designed to meet the evolving needs of electric vehicle users. As per the company statement, the portable charger offers several customization options: it is suitable for both home and commercial settings and can function as an overnight charging solution. Aponyx Electric Vehicles plans to establish electric charging stations for both AC and DC, catering to various vehicles, including three and two-wheelers. The company aims to contribute to the nation’s goal of achieving 30% EV adoption by 2030.

Mr. MS Chugh, founder and chairperson of Aponyx Electric Vehicles, shared his enthusiasm for the latest innovation, saying “Our Smart EV Charging solution comes with a range of customization options to meet your EV charging needs. The portable charger includes features that respond to the specific demands of individual users, providing a smooth and effective charging experience. By introducing the portable charging solution we aim to contribute to the establishment of a healthy EV ecosystem in India and also recognize the need for customization to fulfill a variety of charging requirements.”

Aponyx’s other manufacturing plant is located in IMT Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana. The company intends to set up charging stations at 10 km interval along Delhi to Chandigarh, Delhi to Dehradun, and Delhi to Jaipur highways.

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